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Redpoint Cybersecurity is a human-led, technology-enabled managed cybersecurity provider specializing in Digital Forensics Incident Response, proactive cyberattack prevention with services that include threat hunting, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and compromise assessments. 

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What Managed Cybersecurity Services Does Redpoint Offer?

Redpoint goes one step further than other cybersecurity managed service providers. Our competencies are in military intelligence and cyber security, and that means we prepare our clients for advanced persistent threats for maximum protection. That’s why we’re a trusted name across many industries including the Intelligence, Defense, Critical Infrastructure, Financial Services,Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries.


Our containment, recovery and remediation team will work quickly to minimize your financial and legal risk in the event of a breach. We will walk you through all the steps of assessing damage and notifying affected parties.


Cyber Risk Advisory

Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated every day. Our Cyber Risk Advisory Group will keep you up with the latest developments in threat protection.
If an attack occurs, our digital forensics team will use advanced tools like disk imaging, memory analysis, and packet sniffing to investigate how the attack occurred, so it never happens again.

Cloud Migration

Moving your data to the cloud offers data access convenience but comes at the cost of increased cyberthreats. Our team will ensure your cloud environment has military-grade protection.
Don’t wait for cybercriminals to find you. Our cybersecurity managed services neutralize threats before they can paralyze your business.

Attacks can happen anytime to any of your systems. So, Redpoint offers the only 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) service that addresses host, cloud-based, and email security.

Military-Grade Managed Cybersecurity for Business

Protect your business with a fully managed cybersecurity solution backed by a team of experts with decades of nation-state cybersecurity experience.

Professional Cybersecurity Services

Whether you need to meet regulatory requirements or respond to a data breach, get a tailored project plan with Redpoint’s professional managed cybersecurity services.


Managed Cybersecurity Services

Your systems need constant upgrades to keep up with developing cyber threats. Redpoint’s managed cybersecurity services ensure you have the latest technology available.

A Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider That Delivers



Successful Operations



Elite Cybersecurity Experts



Advanced Certifications


We Make Cybersecurity Easy

External threats and internal vulnerabilities combine to create risk for your organization. At Redpoint, we reduce risk to your organization from cyber attacks.

Nationwide Presence

Redpoint maintains a physical presence across the United States enabling us to be on-site within hours 

State Cybersecurity Experience

Our team is comprised of experts drawn from the intelligence and military communities.

Digital Forensics Incident Response

When a breach occurs, our team can conduct an investigation into your networks to determine the origin of the attack and how to fix it


Advanced Threat Simulation

Our Nation State Adversary Emulation system simulates advanced persistent threats from nation state actors

Red Recon

The only managed detection and response (MDR) solution that addresses endpoint, cloud, and email security

Industry Compliance

Ensure your systems are up to the cybersecurity standards expected of your industry

Managed Cybersecurity to Protect Your IT Infrastructure

Redpoint’s managed IT security services keep your IT infrastructure up and running in the best of times and the worst of times. We will help you take preventive measures to keep your infrastructure safe and work with you to minimize the damage if attacks do occur. 

Network Monitoring

Redpoint’s network security monitoring service will capture and analyze all of your network traffic allowing quick responses to potential threats.

When it’s time to move your data to the cloud, work with a managed IT security service who will help you move your data, applications, and infrastructure safely and securely 


Disaster Recovery

Keep your downtime to a minimum with rapid incident response that will help you recover any stolen data.

Geo-Political instability means advanced persistent threats are more active than ever.

Protect yourself from the new age of cyberwarfare with military-grade security

A Step Ahead of Adversaries

The Redpoint team emulates cyberattacks from nation-state actors to ensure that we deliver the highest possible grade of cybersecurity. 

Hunt the Hunter

Hackers know how to exploit traditional network security products. Redpoint stops them from getting a chance.

Threat Mitigation

Trust our managed cyber security service for damage control as we isolate and contain any breach we find.

Managed Cybersecurity for Business

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

Build Team Resilience

Your team is your first line of defense against adversaries. To ensure long-term protection, Redpoint will help you arm them to protect your data.  

Boost Your Policies

Well-intentioned managers often fail to adequately test procedures. Redpoint will help you detect these gaps.

Industry Knowledge

Redpoint offers a continuous professional relationship that includes access to our cybersecurity knowledge resources. 

Nation state cybersecrity experience

Redpoint’s military caliber cyber professionals have decades of experience in cyber operations and apply their knowledge of the attacker perspective to facilitate efficient, effective and scalable responses to cyber breaches.

For high value, high risk clients
Redpoint’s expertise spans the defense, intelligence, and Fortune 500

Public and private sector experience
Providing commercial and US government clients with fortifying solutions for emerging cyber threats

Military Grade Cybersecurity
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  • Tactical Defense

Build a tactical cyber defense strategy with the help of a military-grade cybersecurity managed service provider.

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