Managed Network Security Services

Redpoint’s Managed Network Security Service provides complete transparency into your internal and cloud networks.

Get Military Grade Managed Network Security Experts on Your Side

Secure your data across your entire network. Our military grade cybersecurity experts defend every part of your system.

Why choose Redpoint for managed network security services?

  • Stay aware of security threats before they hit you with threat hunting and vulnerability testing
  • Secure every device with automated endpoint detection, network segmentation, and regular updates
  • Get 24 hour protection with a network security services company that detects abnormal traffic and takes action against threats in real-time
  • Conserve your resources and time with a cybersecurity team that knows how to get things done fast
  • Comply with industry regulations whether they be PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, or CMMC

Save on costs and increase ROI by outsourcing your network security management to a full service cybersecurity firm trusted by the Defense, Intelligence, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Industrial, and Technology industries. Our experts take a proactive approach to your protection by stopping malicious actors from getting the chance to interrupt your business operations.

Your customers will have more confidence in your company knowing that their personal information is safe and your staff will enjoy increased productivity by addressing Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR).

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Why Use Network Security Managed Services?

Stay Vigilant

Every type of security requires vigilance to be effective. Managed network security monitoring helps you stay one step ahead of any adversary.

Quick Responses

Managed network and security services help you respond to threats fast. The faster the incident response, the sooner the threat is neutralized.

Threats Aren’t Always Obvious

Intelligent hackers rely on their victim’s lack of awareness. They want to slip under your radar. Effective network security monitoring makes sure they don’t.

Threats are Evolving

Hackers know how to program threats that get past your firewall. Take an active approach by monitoring your network instead of relying on firewall software alone.

Big Networks Are a Lot to Manage

If you’re a large enterprise, your network is huge, so there’s a lot to monitor. Our managed network security service will help make that task more manageable.

Block Known Adversaries

Redpoint has a list of known attackers. Our network security managed services team will put them on your network’s “deny” list before they get a chance to find you.

Stop Threats in Real-Time

Our network security monitoring services keep a 24/7 eye on your network. Hackers that try to take advantage of your off-hours will be stopped in their tracks.

Control the Cloud

One of the biggest cloud security challenges is controlling who can access your data. Network monitoring will let you track who has been accessing your cloud data.

Easy Access to Experts

Many companies claim that finding and retaining top talent is a challenge. A network security monitoring service ensures that you will always have experts on hand.

Our Network Security Services in Other Locations

network security monitoring service

Security Assessments

Many companies switched to a remote or hybrid work model with little time to prep. As a result, your network has more entry points than ever before which increases your risk of unauthorized access.

Redpoint will assess your network and detect any current vulnerabilities based on 30 different security standards. We then provide you with recommendations based on any detected weaknesses so you can make informed cybersecurity decisions.

Penetration Tests

Intelligent hackers know a lot of tricks to get past your firewall and they constantly adapt to technology updates. It’s tough for a business owner to predict what they will come up with next.

Redpoint’s 30+ cyber experts take the criminal’s point-of-view to detect how a malicious actor could slip into your network. Our algorithms can scan and emulate network “hacks” to detect vulnerabilities without the need to install or reconfigure anything.

Managed Network Security

Consistent Network Monitoring

If you run a large enterprise, there’s always a lot happening on your network. Most of it is productive or benign, but it’s all too easy for a malicious actor to blend in with the noise.

Redpoint’s managed network and security services will watch for any suspicious activity on your network and quickly respond to it. Our team will keep their eyes peeled for:

  • Unknown IPs
  • Multiple failed login attempts
  • Unusual access times
  • Actions taken (for example, did they disable your antivirus software?)

Once we detect suspicious activity, our team will follow the actor and neutralize any potential threat before they can cause any damage.

Top Quality Partnerships

Generic cybersecurity services may be cheaper, but they won’t have the expertise or track record of America’s cybersecurity leaders.

Redpoint selectively partners with network monitoring leaders to help you get nothing short of the best. Our partners include:

  • CrowdStrike
  • SentinelOne
  • Open Systems Managed Network Security Services
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Huntress Labs
  • Perception Point
  • and many more

Our partners help us offer you all the operational benefits of network flexibility without sacrificing your protection. Together, we combine the best from automated defense and human-led threat detection to provide scalable network protection solutions.


Start Taking an Active Role in Your Cyber Defense Strategy

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