Managed EDR Solutions

Endpoints are anything that connects a user to your network. With such a wide surface, you need a strong security team to keep you safe.

Protecting America’s Leading Businesses With Managed EDR Services

Gain Clear Visibility Into Endpoint Activity With Redpoint’s Managed EDR Service

Hackers put a lot of work into staying invisible. Threat detection with managed EDR reveals exactly where they’re hiding before they can cause damage.

Why choose Redpoint for managed endpoint detection and response?

  • Stay safe with the only 24×7 security solution that monitors cloud, on-prem, email, and hybrid endpoints
  • Detect bad actors’ motives based on behavioral patterns so you can reduce your chance of being a target
  • Get protected fast with an onboarding process that takes less than 24 hours
  • Quickly spot suspicious activity with advanced EDR tools that regularly run through your systems
  • Secure your whole IT environment with a partner who offers managed services for all things cybersecurity

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a simple yet effective solution that pinpoints potential threats whenever they arise. Yet, as an algorithm, there’s a chance of false positives that could slow down desired activities.

That’s where managed EDR comes in. Redpoint’s security specialists and advanced EDR security spot threats and prevent false positives. 

Make sure your endpoint security solution always helps you maintain smooth operations. Combine it with human experts who can react and respond as appropriate to each situation.

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Hear How Managed EDR Helps Business Owners

Why Choose Managed EDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Monitor incoming emails as well as your IT devices with an MDR provider that also detects and responds to phishing attempts.

Rapid Incident Response

Stop potential threats in their tracks before they get a chance to slow operations.

Monitor Malicious Activity

Keep tabs on endpoint activity and pinpoint any instance when it’s unusual.

Penetration Testing Services

Enterprise-grade security penetration testing services for a reasonable price.

Recovery & Remediation

Quickly recover from the worst-case scenario even if only one endpoint was damaged.

Real-Time Protection

Respond to threats in real-time, not minutes, hours, days, or weeks later.

Expert Validation

Don’t waste time responding to false positives, let our experts quickly confirm potential threats.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Get a DFIR solution to scan any digital device to detect confirmed bad actors and preserve evidence if needed.

Threat Intelligence

Leverage our expertise to understand hacker behavior to enhance your defensive action plan.

How Redpoint’s Managed EDR Stands Out


Hours or less before you receive excellent on-site support


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Of successful operations

What Happens When You Use Managed EDR Services?

Managed EDR

Stop The Spread of Suspicious Activity

Once a bad actor gains access to one endpoint, it’s easier for them to get the others. The faster and farther they spread, the more at risk you become.

End their activity at a single endpoint. Redpoint’s expert EDR team will contain threats the moment we see them on any endpoint. This drastically decreases the chance of their spread.

If they managed to damage that endpoint, Redpoint will quickly clean up the mess. This way, whoever uses the endpoint can stay productive.

Reduce Vulnerabilities on Every Endpoint

Sometimes, certain endpoints are easier to infiltrate than others. This happens due to system vulnerabilities on that particular endpoint. You need a way to find and patch that before hackers can exploit it.

EDR vulnerability management is a big part of what we do. Redpoint scans for potential weaknesses in your defenses, not just for unusual activity. 

Once we find a vulnerability, we take action to remediate it. This reduces the chance of suspicious activity ever occurring in the first place.

Managed EDR Services

Fortify Your Cyber Defenses Before It’s Too Late

EDR management is only step one. Enhance your protection with a managed security service.

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