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Minimize your cyber risks and have a military-grade team ready to respond if a breach ever does occur.

Secure Your Business With a Military-Grade Cybersecurity Company in NYC

Don’t leave your critical infrastructure to just anyone. Trust a cybersecurity company that’s trusted by the US government.

Why choose Redpoint as your cybersecurity consulting services firm?

  • Leverage an average 22 years of military experience to protect your data with high-grade security measures
  • Get total visibility across your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments instead of just one
  • Save up to $1M on cyber breaches thanks to our proactive services
  • Gain clear, practical advice on how you can enhance your cybersecurity posture, now and in the future
  • Enjoy enterprise-level cyber protection with $0 additional overhead by choosing us as your security partner

With decades of hands-on experience in cyber operations, we apply a deep understanding of the attacker’s mindset to deliver swift, potent, and scalable solutions against cyber threats.

Everyone on our team was chosen for their unique skills, unwavering dedication, and commitment. That’s because we aim to provide lasting, impactful cybersecurity support to every client.

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Redpoint’s Sophisticated Cyber Defense Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Safeguard every element in your IT environment with our holistic approach to cybersecurity consulting.

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud infrastructure with cloud-native solutions and advanced cyber experts.

24x7 Network Monitoring

Swiftly identify and neutralize threats before they inflict harm with our 24×7 network services.

Managed EDR

Blend advanced algorithms and expert oversight to ensure accurate threat detection and seamless operations. 

Red Recon® MDR Services

Trust Red Recon‘s CrowdStrike®-powered MDR to proactively detect and counteract hidden threats.

Digital Forensics

Elevate your IT security with digital forensics experts who identify issues, gather evidence, and neutralize cyber threats.


Penetration Testing

Proactively identify system vulnerabilities without compromising server performance, network speed, or data integrity. 

Compliance Consulting

Confidently prepare for compliance audits and maintain robust, compliant cybersecurity standards with our expertise.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Bolster your security posture with advanced threat detection and behavioral analysis tools that help you take immediate action.

Why Redpoint Over Other Cybersecurity Companies in NYC


Hours or less for our team to arrive on the scene


Experts with federal government experience


Of our team members have an advanced cybersecurity degree

Securing Cyber Threats in New York State

New York Cybersecurity

Proactive Protection & Rapid Response

Every cybersecurity program needs to put proactive protection front and center. Even a brief moment of downtime or quick glance at your protected data can have disastrous consequences. 

Still, you also need to have a plan for the worst-case scenario. Get both proactivity and rapid response with Redpoint Cybersecurity. 

Our team leverages NGAV-based machine learning to ensure we’re always responding quickly no matter the time of day. Red Recon also allows one-click recovery so you can get back on your feet faster than ever.

High-Stakes Industry Expertise

The New York Department of Financial Services has strict cybersecurity guidelines. This is for a good reason. Industries that protect high-stakes data, like the financial sector, need high-stakes cyber protection. 

Redpoint specializes in high-stakes, compliant cyber defense strategies. We have extensive experience working in the healthcare, financial, aerospace, energy, and defense sectors. 

That means we’re more than capable of helping you follow and maintain the strictest cybersecurity standards. No matter your industry, you can count on us to bring this same level of security to any sensitive data you may have.

Cybersecurity in NYC
Cybersecurity Consulting Services in NYC

Advanced Cybersecurity Consulting for New York’s Dynamic Landscape

In a dynamic city like New York, specialized cybersecurity consulting is essential. Redpoint Cybersecurity offers custom solutions, combining military-grade expertise with client-specific strategies. Our services cater to unique business needs, ensuring robust protection across all platforms. We emphasize proactive defense and rapid incident response, backed by advanced technology and deep industry knowledge. Trust Redpoint for cybersecurity that’s as dynamic as New York itself.

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Don’t Wait For a Data Breach

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