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Managed Cloud Security Services By Redpoint

Maximize transformation opportunities the cloud affords with military-grade cloud security solutions that scale with your needs.

Why choose Redpoint Cybersecurity for cloud security managed services?

  • Gain access to comprehensive managed cloud security services that combine cloud-specific security technologies, experienced cloud engineers, and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Deploy cloud-native security technologies for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, and more.
  • Secure private, public, and complex cloud environments effortlessly with security solutions that mold to your operational needs.
  • Monitor and manage compliance confidently through Assurance Compliance Engine™ (ACE), powerful dashboards, and actionable recommendations. 
  • Rely on an experienced partner trusted by some of America’s largest organizations in intelligence, defense, critical infrastructure, and finance.

Don’t let a lack of in-house skill and expertise compromise your cloud environments and your transformation efforts. Rely on 30+ cybersecurity experts with nation state experience to keep your systems secure.

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Managed Cloud Security Services Businesses Bank On

End-to-End Cloud Security Managed Services

Vulnerability Management

Identify and prevent cyber infiltration by routinely scanning for known vulnerabilities, managing access, and administering privileges.

Cloud Compliance

Align cloud security with common and industry-specific compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, MITRE ATT@CK, and SOC2.

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Proactively identify and address security events through real-time monitoring of resource logs, host, and API layers.

Network Security

Protect your wider network and systems against common and emerging malware, network threats, and exploits.


Reduce effort and errors by automating security workflows, containment, remediation, and security deployments.

Data Privacy

Mitigate risks of data loss and breaches with a partner that monitors sensitive data, manages certificates, and encryption keys.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Triage and investigate cloud security incidents, preserve evidence, leverage, and computer forensics.

Security Training

Bolster your first line of defense through regular cloud security awareness training and enable a culture built around security best practices.

Flexible Services

Maximize value for your security spending through scalable, customizable cloud security deployments.

Cloud Managed Security Services Trusted by Leaders

Proven Cloud Security Managed Services


Successful breach response operations


Cybersecurity certifications


Cybersecurity experts with nation state experience

Secure, Safeguard, Streamline Managed Cloud Security

Managed Cloud Security Services

Military-Grade, Enterprise-Level Cloud Management and Security Services

Don’t let a lack of resources and expertise leave your cloud infrastructure open to exploits. Secure critical data and applications with a team of over 30 cybersecurity specialists.

Focus on innovation and acceleration with business managed cloud security services that:

  • Enable secure digital transformation
  • Improve compliance and risk management
  • Implement security policies and frameworks
  • Establish threat readiness and response

Minimize security, maximize security with right-sized cloud security services and solutions.

Cloud Security Consulting and Advisory

Preparing only for the threats of today means falling one step behind. Understand potential gaps and take a strategic approach to securing the backbone of your business.

Receive up-to-date cyber intelligence and pragmatic advice to secure your cloud environment in the long term. Make well-informed decisions about your cloud infrastructure with in-depth insights and risk assessments. 

Streamline systems, unlock efficiencies, and satisfy compliance requirements with our cloud security consulting and advisory services.

Cloud Managed Security Services

Most Cloud Environments Are Underprotected

Enhance your security posture with proven managed cloud security services

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