Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services are an excellent way to spot system vulnerabilities before hackers do. Yet, too often it crashes servers, slows networks, and adds bad data to your database. You won’t have to worry about any of that with Redpoint.

Let Our Trusted Team Assess Your Internal Network Before Bad Actors Do

Hackers know how to exploit the gaps in your defense. We can help you find those gaps first.

Why choose Redpoint for security penetration testing?

  • Over 30 experts with an average 22 years of military experience will detect potential vulnerabilities across your  IT infrastructure
  • Get industry-specific expertise with experienced pen testers who have backgrounds in healthcare, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, finance, and defense
  • Spot vulnerabilities within 24 hours after our comprehensive onboarding process
  • Balance security impact and resilience with costs to get an enterprise-grade solution within your budget
  • Save up to $1M on cyber attacks by taking preventative measures

Trust a team of cybersecurity experts to proactively spot system vulnerabilities so you can take action before an incident occurs.

Redpoint’s penetration testing services are backed by federal government and large enterprise security expertise. We’re used to dealing with high-stakes data, and are confident in our ability to provide high-caliber protection.

You don’t need to be enterprise-sized to enjoy enterprise-grade protection. Our team will consult you on how to get the most security impact within your budgetary constraints.

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Why Many Businesses Think We’re One of America’s Top Penetration Testing Companies

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Why Do Our Penetration Testers Stand Out?

Hours or less before our team arrives on the scene
Experts with federal government experience
Of the team has an advanced cybersecurity degree

Redpoint’s Penetration Testing Services

Ethical Hacking

Develop realistic defensive strategies by letting our ethical hackers imitate a real-world attack without causing harm.

Threat Intelligence

Anticipate and respond to potential threats before they strike with an expert team that stays on top of the evolving threat landscape.

Remediation Guidance

Strengthen your security defenses with actionable steps that increase your resilience against future attacks.

Network Penetration Testing Services

Pinpoint possible ways a hacker can enter your network without needing to reconfigure anything.

Web Application Penetration Testing Services


Uncover hidden vulnerabilities within your web applications to ensure secure online operations.

Cloud Security

Detect new potential entry points as they appear no matter how big your cloud environment grows.

Penetration Testing Consulting

Run the right tests for your IT environment by letting our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of your systems.

Red Teaming

Test your organization's security protocols and readiness with a simulated attack and response.

Vulnerability Scans

Make sure no new weakness is left undetected with regular vulnerability scans that consistently retest new software updates.

Who Our Pen Testing Has Helped

Why You Need Redpoint as Your Penetration Testing Company

penetration testing company

Be Prepared For Real World Cyber Attacks

It’s hard to prepare a response if you don’t know what’s coming. Not all cybersecurity strategies work against all kinds of threats. That’s why it’s important for you to know what your risks are and what to do.

Redpoint narrows down exactly where your organization needs to fortify defenses. We will think like a hacker as we look at your systems and show you what a potential threat actor could try.

With Military expertise on your side, you’ll get unique insights that many other pen testing companies can’t offer. Alongside our evidence-based approach, we’ll use our extensive background knowledge to get you prepared for what could happen.

Discover New Ways to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Program

When a penetration test reveals hidden vulnerabilities, there’s a chance that you’ll learn about a new potential risk. Once you’ve learned about it, you can add it to your cybersecurity policy.

Learning about it this way less costly than discovering it from a real attack. The average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44M, which is twice the global average.

When you choose Redpoint, we’ll also offer strategic advice to balance our services with your ROI. Not only are we comparatively more affordable than a breach, we’ll make sure we only offer advice that makes sense for your needs and budget.

Enterprise-Grade Security Testing for a Reasonable Price

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