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Choose Redpoint Security for expert cloud security consulting services to protect your data and resources.

Enabling Agile, Streamlined, Secure Cloud Environments

Identify gaps and develop a risk-aligned framework for high baseline cloud security with experienced cloud security consultants.

Why choose Redpoint Security for cloud security consulting services?

  • Take a holistic approach–from strategy to transform–with cloud security consulting services that address multi-cloud risks.
  • Enhance resilience while keeping cloud frictionless and cost-effective with a team that advises highly sensitive industries such as insurance, healthcare, and finance.
  • See faster time to value by automating native cloud security in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Get in the driver’s seat with security consultants that align cloud frameworks with NIST, ISO, COBIT, PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements.
  • Leverage a large partner network and strategic relationships for flexible, you-centric solutions.

Your enterprise can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to cloud cybersecurity. In a high risk industry with valuable confidential data, you need a cybersecurity solution that protects you from cybercriminals and hostile state actors while continuing to give your teams the freedom to operate efficiently.

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Get the Cloud Security Consulting Services Your Organization Needs to Thrive

Cloud Security Assessment

Get a comprehensive cloud security consulting audit that assesses your security posture and identifies vulnerabilities.

Security Risk Recommendations

Leverage military-grade cloud security consulting and capabilities to develop a risk-aligned cloud security architecture.

Automate Cloud Security

Deploy automated security processes for private, hybrid, and public cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Take advantage of vast experience and strategic relationships for cutting-edge, flexible solutions that fit your cloud migration.

Cloud Security Training

Train your teams in cybersecurity best practices to protect your organization from the number one cause of cybersecurity breaches: human error.

Identity and Access Management

Ensure only authorized users have access to your cloud data and applications with our comprehensive identity and access management solutions.

Incident Response Planning

Prepare sophisticated disaster recovery and business continuity plans to respond in real time to security incidents.

Digital Forensics

Investigate, identify attack paths, and receive actionable advice to prevent cyber attacks from recurring.

Regulatory Compliance

Minimize compliance risks from cloud adoption and develop organization-wide frameworks to maintain compliance.

Cloud Security Consulting for the Modern Day Enterprise

cloud security consulting services
Cloud Protection You Can Count On

Transform operations while mitigating security and compliance risks with a team that designs, deploys, and advises on complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Leverage the unparalleled expertise of cloud security consultants trusted to secure critical government assets and cloud deployments in the most sensitive industries.

Implement your cloud security controls to protect your organization against data breaches, critical asset compromise, and major infrastructure damage.

Flexible, Customizable Solutions

The cloud is constantly evolving, and so are the threats to your organization. Redpoint’s security solutions are designed to adapt to changing needs, whether you’re looking for data encryption and protection, incident response planning, or anything in between.

After an initial assessment, you will receive a tailored cloud security plan that we will help you implement step by step. We will ensure that you have the tools and training necessary to execute your security plan flawlessly.

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Take Control of Your Digital Transformation

Choose Redpoint for comprehensive security risk insights and cloud services that will keep you one step ahead.

Case Studies

Redpoint’s Cloud Security Services In Action

Pretending a cyberattack can’t happen to you is a recipe for disaster. With help from our experts, you’ll get a customized solution to keep your systems and data secure.
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Cyber Risk Advisory
Healthcare vCISO
Incident Response: Financial Services
Incident Response: Healthcare