GRC Consulting Services

Trust Redpoint’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) consulting services to help your organization streamline corporate governance and uphold compliance.

Remove Uncertainty & Meet Your Compliance Goals With Ease

You can’t take risks when it comes to compliance. Work with our GRC consultants to make decisions based on practical insights.

Why choose Redpoint for GRC consulting?

  • Leverage our AI-powered compliance engine to compare your posture against 30+ different metrics.
  • Work with an expert team — 92% of our employees have advanced degrees across 15+ certifications.
  • Count on our experience in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, aerospace, and defense.
  • Compare the maturity of your cybersecurity program against industry peers and discover how to fill any gaps.
  • Trust our 24×7 network monitoring to ensure your systems consistently stay within your cyber framework.

By implementing GRC strategies, Redpoint empowers organizations to achieve their goals with confidence, eliminate uncertainties, and fulfill all compliance obligations.

Our approach integrates people, processes, and technology to enhance cybersecurity measures. This enables organizations to pinpoint, correct, and keep an eye on potential corporate risks.

We also ensure that all of this is done with your unique business processes in mind. We want to be sure that our services give you a high ROI and won’t cause any unneeded disruptions.

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Reduce Security Risks With Enterprise-Grade GRC Solutions

Risk Assessments

Strengthen your defense against threats by conducting periodic risk assessments of information assets through an established GRC-focused risk management program.

Risk Management

Minimize losses and predict potential problems with our enterprise risk management program that is tailored to identify risks and remediate any that are found quickly and effectively.

Cloud Governance

Boost innovation while maintaining control through our cloud governance services that foster an environment ripe for business agility and strict governance.

Internal Audits

Enhance your GRC framework's effectiveness by conducting internal audits to compare actual performance with set goals and implement necessary improvements.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)


Leverage SIEM software to detect potential cybersecurity threats and enable IT teams to close security gaps while ensuring consistent compliance with privacy regulations.

User Management

Securely manage access to company resources with user management tools that offer granular authorization settings for precise control over information access.

Compliance Frameworks

Reduce non-compliance risks by automating routine compliance management tasks and boost the effectiveness of regulatory measures with less risk of human error.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Accelerate data-driven decision-making by monitoring resources, consulting with our experts, and utilizing GRC software and tools for quick insights.

Security Strategy Planning

Develop a practical GRC roadmap with our help that focuses on risk-based, objective-driven security strategies for measurable progress over time.

GRC Consulting
Learn to Leverage The Tried & True GRC Capability Model

The GRC Capability Model (also known as the OCEG Red Book) offers a comprehensive framework for aligning governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) with business objectives.

Many organizations struggle to fully integrate GRC principles into their operations, which can lead to gaps in understanding and implementation.

At Redpoint Cybersecurity, we possess deep knowledge of the GRC Capability Model and how to leverage it within your cybersecurity framework.

Our expertise allows us to tailor the model to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration of GRC principles.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility Across Your IT Infrastructure

Having a clear view of your IT infrastructure is essential, yet 93% of networks have security vulnerabilities that go unnoticed by business leaders. These vulnerabilities frequently lead to compliance gaps.

Redpoint Cybersecurity will help your organization make the unknown known. We’ll work together to reveal any compliance gaps in your network and help you fill them before they lead to any problems.

Knowing what needs to be fixed also gives you a better idea of how to effectively implement the GRC framework.

Furthermore, we’ll keep a consistent watch on your systems to catch anything new if it appears.

GRC Consulting Services

Be Fully Prepared For Your Next Audit

Make security audits a little less stressful by ensuring you’re confident in your internal cyber standards.

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