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When criminals strike, you would call law enforcement to investigate the crime. Extend that mindset to your IT environment with digital forensics experts.

Pinpoint & Neutralize Any Threat With Powerful Digital Forensics

Like any crime scene, you need evidence to nail bad actors. Let cyber experts with decades of military experience find and neutralize IT threats.

Why choose Redpoint for computer forensics services?

  • Reduce breach paranoia with a digital forensics company that’s ready to help before anything happens
  • Don’t talk directly to ransomware actors let our experienced team do the negotiations for you
  • Trust over 30 experts with federal government backgrounds to protect you from the bad guys
  • Reveal unknown threats with hard digital evidence detected by seasoned investigators
  • Reach out any hour, any day and get boots on the ground within 24 hours

Electronic data is easy to steal. Yet, more and more sensitive information is stored online.

Make data theft difficult with cybersecurity experts who provide 24x7x365 protection and investigate any suspicious activity.

We take a proactive approach to data protection so we can help stop attacks before they occur.

If something does happen, our talented team deploys high-caliber digital forensics tools to weed out the cause and prevent it from happening again.

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Hear How Our Cyber Forensics Services Help Others

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Why Choose RedPoint Over Other Digital Forensics Service Companies?

Hours or less before our expert team arrives on the scene
Average number of years of military experience
Of successful operations protecting high-stakes data

What Our Digital Forensics Experts Investigate

Penetration Testing Services

Let our trusted penetration testing team assess your internal network before bad actors do.

Nation-State Attacks

Detect state-sponsored adversaries with digital forensics investigators that can catch offshore actors.

Business Scams

Let us pinpoint any business scam’s origin & all impacted data by leveraging third-party data for evidence.

Employee Misconduct

Get eyes on your social media accounts that can swiftly detect any online employee misconduct.

Cyber Extortion

Make smart negotiations with cyber extortionists and avoid operational burdens by letting us do the talking.

Intellectual Property Theft

Verify if data theft occurred, the timeline of events, and how it happened using strong cyber evidence.

Managed Detection and Response

Weed out threats from the root with a Managed Detection and Response provider

Disaster Recovery

Secure sensitive data with data backup & disaster recovery services that keep its integrity intact.

Managed EDR Solutions

Gain clear visibility into endpoint activity with Redpoint’s Managed EDR Service.

Leading Businesses Leave Digital Forensics To Us

Why Your Business Needs Proactive Computer Forensics Services

Digital Forensics Company

Stay Safe While Negotiating Ransomware

15% of American business owners negotiate in the event of a ransomware attack – but without the right training, they’re at risk of making unwise decisions during negotiation.

During our digital forensic investigation, we’ll gather as much evidence as we can about the threat actor. Then, we’ll combine what we learned with our experience to make informed calls during negotiations.

With our help, you can lower the cost of the attack, save on operational burdens, and keep your hands clean.


Restore Compromised Data Before It’s Too Late

At Redpoint, we don’t leave you after our forensic analysis. We help you respond to situations and mitigate damage.

Our team is agile, active, and thorough so we can adapt to any business’s needs without compromising quality. Let us determine the best recovery plan for your company so you can quickly get back on your feet.

As we help you recover after an incident, we’ll do what we can to keep your downtime as low as possible. This way, your team can keep working as if nothing happened.


Digital Forensics

Set Your Business Up For A Cyber Secure Future

Mitigate risks with proactive protection and take an active role in digital forensics incident response.

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Choosing Us Over Other Cyber Forensics Companies Delivers Results

Penetration Test
Cyber Risk Advisory
Healthcare vCISO
Incident Response: Financial Services
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