Cyber Due Diligence in M&A

Merging organizations with different goals and practices can result in unforeseen cybersecurity weaknesses. Proactive M&A cyber due diligence helps both parties avoid that situation.

Conduct The In-Depth Risk Assessment You Need Without Losing Sight of Strict Timelines

Redpoint’s efficient and effective cyber risk analysis methodology will help you reveal vulnerabilities and establish tactical remediation steps that reduce acquisition risks.

Why choose Redpoint to assist with your cyber due diligence in M&A?

  • Assess your or your target company’s ability to respond to incidents and quantify potential remediation costs from multiple angles.
  • Proactively pinpoint critical cyber weaknesses to prevent potential post-transaction risks and costs.
  • Conduct thorough assessments of the dark web to uncover exposed data or previously unidentified incidents.
  • Verify compliance with adaptable risk assessments from a team that understands HIPAA/HITECH, FFIEC, NIST, and more.
  • Receive assistance evaluating acquisition risks with detailed security analyses that guide strategic integration planning.

M&A cyber due diligence is a thorough assessment of the cybersecurity posture and infrastructure of a company that is being considered for merger or acquisition.

This process involves identifying and evaluating the cyber risks, vulnerabilities, security controls, compliance with relevant cybersecurity standards, and potential security risks of merging.

If your organization is looking at a merger or acquisition, doing your cyber due diligence may be required for the deal to go through. To make sure it gets done right, count on military-grade cyber consultants from Redpoint to help.

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How Redpoint Supports Your M&A Efforts

Risk Assessments

Enhance risk management with insights from our assessments and ensure your policies and controls are robust and effective.

Attack Surface Mapping

Discover and prioritize hidden vulnerabilities to protect your assets and reduce your attack surface during mergers and acquisitions.

Cyber Resilience Evaluation

Evaluate your organization's ability to withstand cyber threats and implement strategies to improve resilience throughout the M&A process.

Aggregated Target Briefing

Gain insights into cyber threats specific to your industry so you can be prepared to proactively defend your organization and prove that you can.

Compliance Consulting

Ensure your company meets regulatory compliance requirements to minimize post-acquisition issues with our expert consulting.

Penetration Testing

Test internal networks, external networks, and web applications to uncover security weaknesses and receive guidance on addressing them in a detailed, concise report.


Create an actionable security roadmap to guide your business towards enhanced security integration and program improvements with our assistance.

Threat Intelligence

Uncover and recover any exposed data and secure sensitive information using our advanced threat intelligence to lower your risk profile during M&A discussions.

Pre- and Post-Transaction Services

Work with our seasoned experts before and after your merger to tailor a strategy that matches the unique demands of the deal and promotes a smooth transition.

M&A Cyber Due Diligence
For Target Companies

As an acquisition target, it’s your responsibility to show your buyer that your system won’t pose a risk to theirs.

Through in-depth technical assessments and proactive threat hunting, you can proactively identify any cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities, and IT hygiene concerns.

Redpoint provides enterprise-grade threat hunting and risk analysis services to help you meet this need.

We can also work with target companies to conduct penetration testing to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities within networks and systems.

All of this information will be compiled into a strategic report that you can use to both remediate gaps and demonstrate cyber readiness to the buyer.

For Buyers

For buyers, understanding the cybersecurity risks of an acquisition target is essential. Overlooking a target’s vulnerabilities can lead to unexpected challenges that impact your investment’s value.

The Redpoint team can deliver an in-depth view of the target’s cybersecurity status, including an asset inventory and attack surface mapping.

We can also help you assess your target’s potential operational, financial, and reputational costs associated with remediating identified cybersecurity issues.

Having this information helps you evaluate the investment’s risk versus reward.

Furthermore, we can develop a robust integration strategy that incorporates the detailed analysis of the target company’s security posture for a smoother transition and effective risk management post-acquisition.

M&A cyber due diligence services

Protect Your Brand Reputation During an M&A Transaction

By letting our team show decision makers that you won’t pose risks to critical business assets.

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