FFIEC Cybersecurity Consulting

Expertly manage risks, exceptions, and showcase tangible cybersecurity risk reduction results well before your next FFIEC audit.

Meet & Exceed FFIEC Compliance With Seasoned Cyber Experts

Why choose Redpoint for FFIEC cybersecurity guidance?

  • Trust military-grade cybersecurity experts with extensive experience in the financial industry.
  • Work with a firm that has CPAs on staff to ensure your cybersecurity truly aligns with industry standards.
  • Gain insights into your organization’s security posture by assessing it against 30+ different metrics.
  • Ensure a swift response to any security concerns with onsite support that will arrive within 24 hours.
  • Track and prioritize potential risks effectively with seasoned experts managing your risk register.

Although Redpoint isn’t an official FFIEC auditor, we have extensive experience with financial institutions and are more than capable of providing expert cybersecurity consulting informed by FFIEC requirements. 

This expertise comes alongside 22 years of average experience protecting federal government assets. So, we’re used to securing high stakes data and know what it takes to fortify your cyber defenses to this level.

Exceed FFIEC regulations. Offer a financial service that truly keeps sensitive fiscal data well-protected. Leverage Redpoint’s guidance, advanced threat intelligence and 24x7x365 network monitoring to achieve just that.

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How Redpoint Helps You Stay Within FFIEC Guidelines

Risk Advisory Services

Cyber Risk Assessments

Assess if your policies, procedures, and controls safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic financial data as per FFIEC standards.

Privacy Risk Assessments

Understand the flow of electronic financial data within and outside your organization and conduct a gap analysis to detect potential breach points.

24x7 Network Monitoring

Ensure timely threat detection and significantly reduce network interruptions thanks to Redpoint’s expert team keeping eyes on your business IT network 24x7x365.

Redpoint Labs

FFIEC Penetration Testing

Leverage FFIEC-compliant pentesting without the risk of network slowdowns or added bad data by using Redpoint’s advanced services.

Advanced Threat Hunting

Proactively detect threats before they get a chance to compromise your sensitive financial data by leveraging Redpoint’s threat hunting services.

Digital Forensics

Work with Redpoint to collect evidence in the event of a data breach so you can identify the responsible parties and use evidence to pursue legal action against them as necessary.


Managed Detection & Response

Advanced hackers can stealthily intercept digital transactions to siphon funds to their intended destination. Proactively detect persistent mechanisms that may attempt this with sophisticated MDR services.

Ransomware Defense

Financial data is a high-value target. 90% of financial organizations faced an attempted ransomware attack in 2022. Let the team at Redpoint protect you from this threat and negotiate terms with bad actors in the worst case scenario.

Rapid Breach Remediation

Prioritize prevention, but be ready to rapidly respond to worst case scenarios. Trust Redpoint’s experts to help you establish a solid disaster recovery plan and seamlessly implement it if needed.

See Why Redpoint Stands Out


Hours or less before you’re fully onboarded


Of our staff have advanced cybersecurity degrees


Of successful operations protecting high-stakes data

How Redpoint Can Help You With Your Next FFIEC Test

FFIEC Cybersecurity

ACE™ Your Financial Compliance Audits

Redpoint offers an in-house, state-of-art, AI-power FFIEC cybersecurity assessment tool called ACE™ (Assurance Compliance Engine). 

ACE™ performs a thorough scan of your IT systems and collects data on your security posture. This information is indispensable as you assess your adherence to FFIEC compliance guidelines.

It will also offer pragmatic, actionable recommendations to help you put that information to use. This helps you make data-driven decisions about how you may need to adjust your IT system for FFIEC compliance.

ACE™ is available for other compliance standards too, such as HIPAA.

Be Ready For Anything With The Right Exercises

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council recommends tabletop exercises to allow institutions to practice their response in a controlled environment. This ensures that in the event of a real threat, the institution is prepared to act swiftly and effectively.

Redpoint Cybersecurity has the tools and resources to let you perform those exercises. Part of our mandate is to always Hunt the Hunter™, which means that we’ll always go on the offensive before you become a target.

Trust us for:

  • Red teaming
  • Penetration testing
  • Wargaming
  • Web application pentesting
  • and more
FFIEC Guidance

You Know That Consumer Financial Data is Precious

Give it the high-caliber protection it deserves with a Crowdstrike®-powered, expert-led technology service.

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