New York Network Security Services

Big New York businesses have big networks. Get a bird’s eye view of everything in it so you can spot and neutralize cyber threats.

Stop Potential Threats in Real-Time With Military-Grade Network Security Services in NYC

Don’t let malicious actors halt your business operations. Stop potential threats in your network before they get a chance.

Why choose Redpoint for computer and network security?

  • Get 24x7x365 protection for your entire IT network, no matter how large
  • Leverage decades of experience with high-stakes data in the healthcare, financial, and federal government sectors
  • Assess your network’s security posture based on 30 different security standards
  • Enhance staff productivity by reducing Mean-Time-To-Detect and Respond (MTTD & MTTR)
  • Gain complete transparency into your cloud-based, on-prem, and hybrid data, instead of just one

By partnering with industry leaders such as CrowdStrike®, SentinelOne, and Amazon Web Services, we combine powerful automated threat detection with advanced human-led expertise. As a result, every client gets scalable enterprise-grade network protection solutions.

Our experts will consistently keep their eyes peeled for any suspicious network activity any time of day. We’ll actively seek and neuralize potential threats from any unknown IPs, multiple failed logins, or usual access times.

Don’t give a single persistent threat anywhere to hide in your IT network.

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Our Network Cyber Security Solutions

Block Known Adversaries

Let our team build protective lists that block known adversarial actions so you can stay secure against any well-known threats.

Pinpoint Persistent Threats

Harness NAGV-based machine learning to identify and halt persistent mechanisms on your network before they spread.

Stay Ahead of Cybercrime

Elevate your defense by letting us actively monitor your network so we can spot anything your firewall doesn’t.

Cloud Security

Enhance your cloud security by letting us seamlessly track and control cloud-based data access.

Endpoint Response

Prevent operational disruptions and avoid false positives with real-time threat response and expert verification.

Compliance Consulting

Partner with us to assess your compliance and develop a prioritized roadmap to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Secure Any Endpoint

Swiftly detect anomalies across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with our holistic endpoint monitoring.

24x7 Monitoring

Block hackers attempting to exploit you off-hours by leaning on our 24x7x365 network monitoring.

Immediate Action

Respond to potential threats in minutes before they compromise your network and rapidly recover in the worst-case scenario.

Our Network Security Services in Other Locations

How Redpoint’s Managed Network Security Stands Out

New York Network Security

Use Offense as Your Defense

It’s important to take defensive measures when it comes to cybersecurity. Yet, hackers are getting smarter by the day and always coming up with new ways to get past your defenses.

That’s why you need to combine your cyber defense strategies with offensive tactics. Redpoint’s team will Hunt the Hunter™ across every endpoint in your entire network.

We know how to take their point-of-view and safely imitate a real attack so you can be better prepared for emerging threats.

It’s not enough to sit back and watch. Let us help you take a more active approach to your network security.

Gain Actionable Insights on Your Security Posture

Any business process that involves risk needs a risk assessment protocol. Vast, interconnected networks certainly pose risks if they’re without the proper protection.

Let our cyber experts perform a comprehensive security audit of your corporate network. From there, we’ll provide practical insights and actionable steps based on over 30 different cybersecurity controls.

This will give both of us a clear view of where vulnerabilities exist in your specific network. That will help us prioritize security measures to ensure optimal protection for your unique system.

Network Security in New York City

Use Hackers’ Own Tricks Against Them

The Redpoint team takes a bad actor’s perspective to fortify your network against most of their tricks.

Case Studies

Network Security Success Stories

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