Threat Hunting Services

Uncover advanced malware and cybercriminals you’ll probably never discover with conventional cybersecurity.

Find, Evict, Shut Out Malicious Cyber Actors From Your Organization

Identify persistent threats and minimize the risks of a successful cyberattack with cutting-edge threat hunting services.

Why choose Redpoint Cybersecurity for threat hunting?

  • Don’t let it be too late. Stop fast, sophisticated cyberattacks from compromising your systems with proactive hunting.
  • Run effective threat hunts. We have the specialized tools and certified team that can threat hunt much more intensely than your in-house team can.
  • Stop failing to hire and retain professional hunters. Rely on 30+ seasoned cybersecurity specialists at Redpoint.
  • Leverage 24/7 monitoring. Protect your organization from malware, malicious insiders, hackers, and state actors with round-the-clock detection.
  • Take informed, proactive action. Receive unparalleled threat intelligence, reports, impact analyses, and guidance you can take to your board.

Benefit from the expertise of the top minds in threat hunting, ethical hacking, and penetration testing in America. 


Redpoint is trusted by the intelligence and defense communities, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and other sensitive industries.

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Our Threat Hunting Services Deliver Results

Organizations That Rely on Our Threat Hunting Services

Comprehensive Threat Hunting Services

No Such Thing as Too Big to Be Breached or Too Small to Be Attacked

Cybercriminals snoop, squat, and steal wherever there’s valuable data, whether it’s the company mainframe or your mobile device

Leading Cyber Threat Hunting Services


Cybersecurity experts with nation-state experience


Successful breach operations


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Cyber Threat Hunting Services

When the Stakes Are High, Organizations Turn to Us

the cybersecurity specialist organizations turn to. 

Leverage one of the top industrial threat hunting services

in the United States to sniff out criminal activity and malicious actors in your infrastructure. 

Benefit from the skills and expertise of a hunt team of 30+ cybersecurity specialists, highly-regarded for identifying unknown threats and reverse-engineering malicious software. 

Redpoint Cybersecurity is the go-to partner for critical infrastructure, defense, healthcare, and other industries that can’t afford to play host to cybercriminals.

Real Results That Enable Confident Action

Cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Improve your security operations through actionable information on security tactics, techniques and procedures. 

Receive a comprehensive account of threats identified in your infrastructure, including the breach point, source of attack, tools used, and potential impact. 

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with cyber intelligence on emerging threats and how they are impacting other organizations. Get security data you can present to your board about cyber threats, and answer critical questions about your organization’s exposure.

Threat Hunting Services

Our Threat Hunting Services in Action

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