Adversary Emulation Services

Understand potential attack impacts with realistic and detailed exercises that provide insights into actionable strategies to enhance your security controls.

Prevent Cyber Threats With Objective Testing & Analysis Based on Real Adversary Tactics

Receive tailored recommendations for security improvement based on your unique needs and real-world adversary techniques including those used by nation-state threat actors.

Why choose Redpoint for adversary emulation?

  • Leverage 22 years of military and government experience for precise adversary exercises.
  • Strategically identify adversary behavioral patterns using the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.
  • Emulate specific tactics to prepare for potential real-world threats from nation-state threat actors efficiently.
  • Gain insights on how to respond to attack scenarios from a team that’s performed 450+ successful operations.
  • Test your detection and response capabilities against the latest cyber tactics.

Redpoint Cybersecurity’s adversary emulation combines expert threat intelligence with advanced techniques to test and enhance your defenses.

We utilize the latest in cybersecurity advancements, including the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and threat hunting, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your security posture.

This approach ensures your network remains resilient against evolving threats. As bad actors adjust their tactics, we’ll update our adversary emulation plans.

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How Redpoint’s Security Team Helps Others

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Risk Assessments

Identify and remediate any security vulnerabilities in your network with a comprehensive risk assessment.

Cloud Security

Emulate and counter cloud-based threats effectively with our specialized services that reflect current tactics of sophisticated theat actors.

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Penetration Testing

Sharpen your defenses against real possible attacks with our strategic penetration testing.

Red Teaming

Stay ahead of sophisticated threats with our red team engagements that can rigorously test your defenses against nation-state level attacks.

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Unearth elusive cyber threats and reinforce your defensive tactics with our expert-led threat hunting services.

Managed Detection & Response

Proactively neutralize threats with 24×7 MDR services informed by comprehensive threat intelligence from coordinated, whole-of-government cyber tools.

Incident Response

Test and refine your incident response plans against advanced attack scenarios with our tailored threat response emulations.

Blue Team Support

Leverage our blue team in your tabletop exercises for advanced insights and tactics during your adversary emulation.

Why Redpoint Stands Out


Hours or less before you’re fully onboarded


Of our staff have advanced cybersecurity degrees


Of successful operations protecting high-stakes data

Why Conduct Adversary Emulations?

Adversary Emulation Services​

Be Prepared For Highly Targeted Attacks

Unlike more generalized penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, adversary emulation focuses on testing your defenses against the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPS) of specific bad actors. 

This approach exposes how well your systems can withstand targeted cyber threats. Such a tactic can’t be ignored in a world where 55% of cyber attacks are enacted by highly organized criminal groups.

Our expert team will discuss your organization’s history and industry and compare it to our own threat intelligence. 

From there, we can determine which bad actors are most likely to target your system and adjust our exercises accordingly.

Enhance Your Security Posture Against Nation-Level Threats

Sophisticated nation-state actors constantly challenge your cyber defenses, aiming at critical infrastructure and confidential data. The worst part is that these actors often use high-level tactics that slip past most conventional security measures.

Redpoint directly addresses this challenge by simulating the complex strategies of these adversaries. Our exercises utilize tools like Cobalt Strike and Metasploit, reflecting the latest in threat actor tactics, to rigorously test and fortify your security posture.

We also understand how to use malicious tools such as NanHaiShu, BLACKCOFFEE, and Orz. This gives us an in-depth view on exactly how a bad actor may attempt to infiltrate your system.

Adversary Emulations

Don’t Wait For Attacks to Happen

Discover how you can get one step ahead of specific bad actors.

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