Incident Response Services

Prepare for potential cybersecurity incidents with our incident response services, which include a documented plan and detailed playbook to protect your brand, reputation, and stakeholders.

Combine Advanced Threat Intelligence With Advanced Incident Response Tools to Secure Affected Systems

Redpoint offers both military-grade cyber expertise and cutting-edge technology to remediate issues and prevent future incidents.

Why choose Redpoint for incident response?

  • Count on a proven incident response team who has already mitigated over 450 cyber incidents.
  • Work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to craft detailed response plans based on specific guidance.
  • Let us catch emerging threats before they escalate through our 24×7 system monitoring.
  • Pinpoint and isolate reported ransomware hosts to prevent spread and direct remediation efforts.
  • Trust our team to arrive at your office within 24 hours if we need to be onsite for effective incident response.

Using our structured incident response strategy, Redpoint Cybersecurity boosts your organization’s readiness to handle and resolve security incidents with precision and efficiency.

Our approach is both agile and adaptive, ensuring that your operations quickly return to stability while keeping you ahead of potential adversaries.

We accomplish this by quickly deploying investigative teams who enhance the visibility across all network devices and effectively contain both immediate and potential threats.

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What Comes With Redpoint’s Incident Response Services?

Incident Response Planning

Enhance your incident management by creating structured plans that will be expertly designed to ensure each step is clearly communicated and meticulously tracked.

Playbook Development

Strengthen your incident response plan by developing tailored playbooks that specify protocols for unique security scenarios based on our team’s knowledge of well-known and emerging threat actors.

Tabletop Exercises

Boost your team's response capabilities with tabletop exercises, designed to simulate detailed, evolving cyber incidents through a series of increasingly complex scenarios that replicate real-world challenges.

Ransomware Response

Create a ransomware response roadmap that includes a detailed decision tree, and clear roles and responsibilities to ensure effective guidance for your response efforts.

Threat Detection & Analysis

Let us perform advanced threat detection across your infrastructure to pinpoint attack origins and analyze these threats to further customize your incident response program.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously refine your incident response plan as we will integrate lessons learned from each tabletop exercise and real incident to enhance your defenses.

How We’ll Improve Your Remediation Efforts

Incident Response Services
Create a Sophisticated Incident Response Program With Expert Guidance

Despite the critical importance of preparedness, a startling 77% of organizations do not have a consistently applied incident response plan.

If you’re one of them, Redpoint Cybersecurity can help you change that.

After getting to know your organization, we’ll craft a sophisticated blend of documented response plans and detailed playbooks specific to the type of incidents you might face.

Our team also has extensive experience in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, oil & gas, and aerospace & defense.

That means that we may already have an incident response framework that will fit your business if you’re in one of those sectors.

Prioritize Response Efforts Based on Specific Severity Tiers

Managing security incidents effectively requires precise triage that categorizes each event by its severity.

This classification is crucial for guiding the escalation process, setting service-level agreements, and ensuring stakeholders are informed about the potential impact on the organization.

Redpoint Cybersecurity helps you establish a clear and efficient framework to prioritize incident response based on severity tiers.

Organizing your response plan in this way allows us to optimize your response protocols, which enhances your ability to manage threats proactively and maintain continuity.

Incident Response

Minimize The Damage Security Events Can Cause

We’ll act fast to get sophisticated threats under control before they get a chance to cause any widespread damage.

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