vCISO Services

Enhance your security posture by leveraging practical risk management steps based on strategic advice from security experts and real-time gap analysis.

Get All The Benefits of a CISO Without The Overhead Using Our Virtual CISO Services

Quickly meet and exceed your security objectives with AI-powered vCISO solutions led by high-end human expertise.

Why choose Redpoint for vCISO services?

  • Gain all the benefits of an in-house CISO at a fraction of the cost with our AI platform and human expertise.
  • Count on an experienced team with decades of Enterprise CISO and GRC consulting experience.
  • Evaluate your security posture by comparing your tactics to 30+ metrics and advanced threat intelligence.
  • Utilize our real-time vCISO dashboard for comprehensive cybersecurity metrics and reporting.
  • Define, manage, and optimize your cybersecurity programs and a team that will be onsite in 24 hours if needed.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)’s average annual compensation can exceed $290,000. That far exceeds many businesses’ budgets. Furthermore, many businesses don’t require a full-time security leadership position.

Whether you need a full-time CISO or not, you’ll always need the work a CISO can do as long as any part of your operations are digital. vCISO solutions provide you the option of getting someone who can do the work you need part-time without an additional hire.

Redpoint Cybersecurity offers an AI-powered vCISO dashboard and a strong team of military-grade cyber experts.

This perfect combination of advanced technology and human expertise helps your organization establish a high-end security strategy aligned with specific business objectives.

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Featured Virtual CISO Services

Security Risk Assessments

Identify your most critical security risks with a comprehensive assessment based upon industry security frameworks such as NIST, ISO, CIS v8, and other regulatory and privacy laws.

Tailored Security Policies

Protect your IT systems with meticulously crafted custom security policies that are designed to fit your specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Readiness

Easily meet regulatory standards with our complete, automated compliance readiness assessments and collaborative gap management.

Remediation Planning

Streamline issue resolution with our clear, prioritized remediation plans, each detailed based on each potential incident’s impact level.

Ongoing Monitoring

Focus on your business while we provide continuous, 24x7 network monitoring and remediation plan updates to swiftly identify and address hidden threats.

Cyber Posture Reporting

Gain insights into your security health with our detailed reports on posture, improvements, and benchmark comparisons.

What You Gain From a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

vCISO Services
Create an Enterprise-Grade Information Security Program Tailor-Fit to Your Organization

Building a strong security program tailored to your business needs can be difficult. You face various challenges and must cater to numerous stakeholders.

Redpoint uses advanced AI technology to speed up the development of your personalized security program. This approach is backed by a team with years of information security and executive risk management experience.

We’ll work as part of your team to assess your cybersecurity program’s maturity against industry peers.

Our technology also features a reporting suite that provides real-time progress reports. That makes it easier to show improvements and compliance while aiding decision-making.

Enhance Your Security Awareness So You Can Boost Your Defensive Tactics

Understanding current and emerging cyber threats is crucial for enhancing your organization’s security posture. Without up-to-date threat intelligence, your defense tactics might not be as effective as they could be.

Working with Redpoint brings comprehensive threat intelligence into your hands. Our vCISO services provide an up-to-date collection of threat data.

This intelligence, drawn from diverse sources, is analyzed to uncover patterns and indicators of compromise, enabling you to better bolster your defenses.

With our assistance, you’ll quickly gain the awareness needed to make informed decisions and proactively respond to threats.

Virtual CISO Services

Ensure Long-Term Results From Your Cybersecurity Program

Our tailor-made risk mitigation policies will always adapt to your changing needs and the evolving threat landscape.

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