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Redpoint Cyber Services:

Cloud Security Consulting

Redpoint provides expert cloud security professional services designed to help clients properly secure their cloud-based infrastructure, data, backups and applications, and implement comprehensive security and compliance controls to comply with complex global data privacy regulations.

Do you have a cloud-first strategy?

Traditional on-premise infrastructure and software is expensive to maintain and update, difficult to scale and does not easily integrate with many newer SaaS solutions. Having a cloud-first strategy reduce complexity and streamlines operations while providing a higher degree of security. Redpoint can help you to move forward with your cloud-first strategy.

Where is your data in the cloud and how is it secured?

Helping you move your data to the cloud and properly secure it and back it up is a core service provided to Redpoint's clients.

How do you comply with complex global data privacy regulations?

Our ACE (Assurance Compliance Engine) allows you to navigate the myriad compliance regulations.

Do you have cloud-based backups? Do you test them regularly?

If you were hit with a ransomware attack, wouldn’t it be nice to “flip the switch” and use backups to restore normal operations?

Do you understand your responsibility in the, “Shared Responsibility Model” for cloud security?

Redpoint provides its customers with a roadmap to assist with implementing cloud security solutions relating to their customer data, platform, applications, identity & access management, operating systems, network, firewall configurations, client side data encryption, server side encryption, network traffic encryption, etc.