Managed Security Services

Managed security service providers (MSSP) provide a deep level of expertise beyond what most general IT services providers can offer. Redpoint takes that one step further with military intelligence-level cybersecurity knowledge.

Leave Your Data Security With Someone You Can Truly Trust

Let us use our federal government experience to protect your digital assets with the same level of security.

Why choose Redpoint for managed cybersecurity?

  • Rely on our skilled team, 92% of whom have advanced cybersecurity degrees, for high-quality security support.
  • Prevent malware spread with our 24×7 real-time response and monitoring services.
  • See us onsite within 24 hours of your call if you need in-person cybersecurity assistance.
  • Stay ahead of cyber threats with our advanced, Crowdstrike®-powered technology.
  • Minimize risks thanks to our continuous, proactive threat hunting practices.

At Redpoint, we harness our extensive experience in cyber defense to create robust, dynamic cybersecurity solutions. We carefully select our team for their expertise and relentless dedication and our approach focuses on preempting and neutralizing digital threats before they cause damage.

We are also committed to building strong, enduring relationships with our clients. This approach ensures they receive effective cybersecurity tailored to meet evolving challenges.

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Clients Who Count on Redpoint’s Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our Numbers

Why Redpoint Stands Out

Up to $1M
Saved on incidents with proactive services
Years of military intelligence experience on average
Additional overhead on enterprise-grade cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Services Offered

Security Assessments

Enhance your security posture with in-depth assessments that pinpoint and patch system vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence

Stay protected from emerging threats with our up-to-date threat intelligence keeping your system secure.

Network Security

Secure your network with vigilant network security services watching for any suspicious activities like unknown IPs or failed logins.

Monitoring and Management

Detect and neutralize threats quickly with 24x7 security monitoring that proactively guards your system against harm.

Incident Response

Respond to cyber incidents effectively with our Threat Response Group, comprising intelligence professionals and top engineers.

Managed EDR

Optimize endpoint security by blending advanced algorithms with specialist oversight to swiftly identify threats and minimize false positives.

MDR Services

Counter persistent threats effectively by utilizing NGAV-based machine learning for comprehensive threat detection and response.

Penetration Testing

Discover system vulnerabilities safely with penetration testing that won’t cause server crashes, network slowdowns, or database corruption.

Digital Forensics

Proactively prevent attacks, investigate suspicious activity, and collect digital evidence with the help of our cybersecurity investigators.

Managed Security Services

Let Experienced Professionals Handle Your Information Security

Threats evolve rapidly, so enterprises must consistently reinforce their defenses.

This complex task requires both advanced technology and a deep understanding of various threats. It’s essential to have a team that is tech-savvy and has a nuanced grasp on sector-specific challenges.

Redpoint Cybersecurity provides such a team. We have extensive experience protecting data in high-stakes industries such as healthcare, law, finance, aerospace, energy, and defense.

We employ a combination of security experts and industry experts, such as CPAs for financial security, to ensure that our clients receive the best protection against targeted threats.

Keep Strict Compliance Standards in Check

Keeping up with strict cybersecurity compliance standards such as those laid out by the General Services Administration is important.

The problem is that many busy business owners are short on time to check their adherence to regulatory requirements.

ACE™ (Assurance Compliance Engine), a state-of-the-art AI-powered tool, offers a solution. It provides detailed insights into network vulnerabilities, necessary controls, and pragmatic action recommendations.

This facilitates a comprehensive understanding of your security posture, aiding in a thorough preparation for any upcoming regulatory audits.

Managed cybersecurity

Get Military Security Expertise For Your System

If the US Department of Defense can trust our security experts, you know we’re well-equipped to protect you from cyber threats.

Case Studies

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Cyber Risk Advisory
Healthcare vCISO
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