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Choose Redpoint for computer and network security:

  • 24x7x365 protection: Safeguard your entire IT network, regardless of size
  • Decades of experience: Handling critical data in healthcare, finance, and government sectors
  • Assess security posture: Evaluate using 30 security standards
  • Enhance productivity: Reduce MTTD & MTTR, boosting staff efficiency
  • Complete transparency: Insight into cloud, on-prem, and hybrid data environments

Partnered with CrowdStrike®, SentinelOne, and AWS, Redpoint delivers scalable network protection with automated threat detection and expert human oversight. With vigilant monitoring, potential threats are swiftly neutralized, ensuring no hidden dangers in your network.

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Elite Network Security Solutions for You

Block Known Adversaries

Defend against well-known threats with customized protective measures crafted by our expert team.

Pinpoint Persistent Threats

Utilize advanced NAGV-based machine learning to swiftly detect and stop persistent threats within your network.

Stay Ahead of Cybercrime

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our proactive network monitoring beyond firewall capabilities.

Cloud Security

Boost cloud security with our seamless monitoring and control of cloud data access.

Endpoint Response

Ensure business continuity with real-time threat response and expert verification to mitigate risks.

Compliance Consulting

Collaborate with us for compliance assessment and a targeted roadmap to safeguard data integrity and confidentiality.

Secure Any Endpoint

Detect abnormalities on all devices swiftly with complete endpoint monitoring solutions.

24x7 Monitoring

Prevent hacker exploitation round the clock with our 24x7x365 network monitoring services.

Immediate Action

Take immediate action against threats, ensuring rapid response and recovery to safeguard your network.

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Network Security in Charlotte
Turn Offense into Defense

Enhance cybersecurity defenses with strategic offensive tactics against evolving hacker threats.

Combine cyber defense strategies with Redpoint’s aggressive Hunt the Hunter™ approach.

Adopt a proactive stance in safeguarding your network with our expert help.

Elevate Security Insights for Strategic Protection

Every business process involving risk requires a thorough risk assessment protocol. Complex, interlinked networks can expose significant vulnerabilities without adequate safeguards.

Engage our cyber specialists for a detailed security audit of your corporate network. Gain actionable recommendations based on a broad range of cybersecurity controls to enhance protection.

Identifying network vulnerabilities enables us to prioritize security measures tailored to your system’s unique needs, ensuring robust protection against potential threats.

Charlotte Network Security Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Network Security Different Than Standard Cybersecurity?

Network security services distinguish themselves from standard cybersecurity by concentrating on safeguarding networks and the data transmitted within them.

This specialized approach guarantees the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of network data, mitigating vulnerabilities specific to network infrastructures. It plays a crucial role in comprehensive cybersecurity efforts, protecting data in transit and strengthening overall digital security.

What Are the Primary Goals of Network Security?

The central objectives of network security align with the CIA Triad.

  • Confidentiality restricts unauthorized entry to sensitive data.
  • Integrity guards data against unauthorized alterations.
  • Availability guarantees authorized users' access to data and resources as required.

Redpoint’s network security services are designed based on these principles. By prioritizing these objectives, organizations can establish a secure and dependable network environment.

What Is a Network Security Key?

In IT network security services, a network security key serves as a password or digital signature essential for granting access to a wireless network. This key acts as a secure mechanism ensuring only authorized individuals can link to the network.

Utilizing this key enhances network protection and shields connected devices from unauthorized entry and potential cyber risks. Various types of network security keys exist, such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2, with WPA2 recognized as the most secure option commonly deployed.

What Types of Threats Does Network Security Prevent?

In IT network security services, network security plays a crucial role in thwarting various cyber threats, such as:

  • Viruses and Worms: Programs capable of spreading to other devices and corrupting data.
  • Trojans: Malicious software masquerading as legitimate, establishing backdoors for unauthorized access.
  • Ransomware: Encrypts files and demands payment for decryption.
  • DoS and DDoS Attacks: Overwhelm resources, rendering them inaccessible.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: Intercept and modify communications undetected.
  • SQL Injection: Inserts malicious code into databases.

What Is Network Security Management?

IT network security services encompass the management of network security, involving the implementation, maintenance, and supervision of security measures to shield networks against cybersecurity threats.

This encompasses establishing security protocols, utilizing tools like firewalls and antivirus software, and monitoring network performance to detect and resolve potential security concerns.

By adopting a proactive stance, organizations safeguard their crucial infrastructure and sensitive data from evolving and sophisticated cyber threats.

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