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  • Over 30 experts with an average 22 years of military experience will detect potential vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure
  • Get industry-specific expertise with experienced pen testers who have backgrounds in healthcare, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, finance, and defense
  • Spot vulnerabilities within24 hours after our comprehensive onboarding process
  • Balance security impact and resilience with costs to get an enterprise-grade solution within your budget
  • Save up to $1M on cyber attacks by taking preventative measures

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Elite Penetration Testing by Redpoint Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacking

Strengthen defenses with simulated real-world attacks by our ethical hackers for actionable security strategies.

Threat Intelligence

Stay proactive against evolving threats with comprehensive threat intelligence to predict and preempt potential risks.

Remediation Guidance

Enhance security defenses with actionable steps to boost resilience against future cyber threats.

Network Penetration Testing Services

Identify potential network entry points without needing extensive reconfiguration for enhanced security.

Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Reveal concealed web app vulnerabilities for fortified online security and operations.

Cloud Security

Proactively identify emerging entry points in your expanding cloud environment for robust security.

Penetration Testing Consulting

Ensure tailored testing for your IT setup with expert consultants for comprehensive system analysis.

Red Teaming

Evaluate security protocols and preparedness through simulated attack and response assessments for optimal defense.

Vulnerability Scans

Consistently scan for vulnerabilities to ensure new weaknesses are promptly identified and addressed.
Penetration Testing Services in Houston
Ready for Real Cyber Threats

Uncover tailored defense strategies with precise risk identification and proactive measures.

Redpoint’s simulation of potential threats provides targeted fortification guidance for cybersecurity resilience.

Utilize military expertise for advanced insights and thorough preparation against cyber threats.

Enhance Cybersecurity with Innovative Solutions

Identify and address potential risks before they lead to costly data breaches.

With an average breach cost of $9.44M, proactive testing is far more economical.

Redpoint’s cost-effective solutions and strategic guidance align security with ROI objectives.

Houston Penetration Testing Services

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the 3 types of penetration tests?

Penetration Testing Services offer three main types of penetration tests: black box, white box, and gray box tests. Black box tests simulate external hacking scenarios without prior network information. White box tests provide full system details for an in-depth assessment of internal security. Gray box tests involve partial system knowledge, combining aspects of black and white box testing.

How is penetration testing done?

Penetration Testing Services typically conduct penetration testing using a structured approach. The process starts with planning and reconnaissance to collect data on the target system. Testers then pinpoint entry points, exploit vulnerabilities, and document their discoveries. Activities involve vulnerability scanning, penetration attempts, and detailed reporting. The final report offers valuable recommendations to enhance the system's resilience against genuine threats.

What are the disadvantages of penetration testing?

The downsides of penetration testing may involve system downtime, data exposure, and the chance of missing unexploited vulnerabilities. However, selecting Penetration Testing Services can help mitigate these risks. Their expert team performs detailed assessments with minimal interference to your operations, ensuring business continuity. With implemented safeguards and comprehensive coverage, they efficiently identify and address potential vulnerabilities to enhance your security.

What is blind penetration testing?

Blind penetration testing, or black box testing, replicates an external hacker's approach with no prior knowledge of the target system. Testers strive to discover and exploit vulnerabilities without insights into the network infrastructure. This method evaluates the system's readiness to withstand real-world cyber threats effectively.

What is the difference between penetration testing and a vulnerability assessment?

Penetration Testing Services and vulnerability assessments play distinct roles in cybersecurity. Penetration testing involves active simulations of cyber attacks to exploit vulnerabilities and evaluate defense mechanisms, testing the system's resilience. Conversely, vulnerability assessments are passive scans that identify, rank, and report vulnerabilities without exploiting them actively, providing insights into system weaknesses without attempting intrusion.

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